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Quintastic and Fit, the fit after fifty journey continues

Welcome back to Quintastic and Fit,

I’m inviting you along on the journey for the ultimate fit after fifty and well-being in the 50 plus years lifestyle. I’ll be taking you along on my journey as I progress through education, workouts, supplement reviews, equipment reviews, pictures, trial and error, along with Q & A sections.

To a better fit after fifty lifestyle,

Greg “Arnie” Arnsberger

MY STORY cont’

By now I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with being fit after fifty. Well, this will bring you to the present and give you some insight and encouragement no matter what happens in life and overcoming setbacks in order to be fir after fifty or at any age regardless of situations and circumstances.

After graduating from electronics school in Harrisburg, PA, my to be wife Paula and I decided to move to Florida on a whim that electronics would be good there and after seeing Jacksonville Beach while I was in the Navy convinced me that was where we wanted to go.

We left cold and snowy PA on Feb 26th 1984 and traveled to Florida in a 1971 VW Squareback, loaded front to back and top to bottom, with enough room for my dog Sam in the back seat and my “76” Triumph Bonneville motorcycle on the back, trailing along behind.

Shortly after we arrived in Central Florida, we joined York Health and Fitness, a gym in downtown Orlando, owned then by Rocky Hoffman, (no relation to Bob Hoffman of York Barbell fame) Paula and I trained together there, competing in various local power-lifting competitions in the Greater Orlando, Lakeland and surrounding areas.

On April 21st, 1987 while riding my 1984 Gold Wing motorcycle home from work, I was about a block from our house and a 21 year old kid pulled out in front of me from a Handy Way store in a 77 four door Buick and I T-boned him going 40 MPH. I hit the post between the front and back door of the driver’s side, the impact causing me to sheer off my left mirror post with my thumb, causing a severe dis-location to my left wrist. My head, particularly my face impacted the driver’s window and the bar, (the driver said, “The last thing he remembered was hearing the brakes squeal and the expression on my face as I hit his window.”) I had a severe head injury, I was wearing a helmet too, but the impact was so hard it busted my forehead open , (head injuries tend to bleed really bad) and the next thing I knew I was waking up in ORMC’s shock/trauma unit with my wife looking at me.

I had numerous stitches on my face and head, many in the face by a plastic surgeon, three stainless steel pins in my wrist, a huge cast on my left arm to keep the wrist immobilized, numerous bruises and contusions from blunt force trauma to my chest and a smashed up, accordianized (according to my wife) Gold Wing motorcycle to boot.

After a few weeks of recovery and going to a so-called Orthopedic Specialist for rehab, I questioned him on how soon I could get back to lifting. He told me that he’d have to fuse some bones in my wrist or maybe even remove some, and that I’d probably never lift weights again. I interrupted, politely dismissed myself and never went back to see him.

I went to a home of a friend of mine whose next door neighbor was having a yard sale and I found a piece of spring loaded lifting equipment, can’t recall the name, but it had a bench, lat pull, incline, and preacher curl attachment, so I figured if I could hold on with my left hand and push and pull with my right hand, I could work the atrophy out of my left arm and wrist.

So between that, my wife helping me, listening to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland healing tapes on my headset, the atrophy started to subside. After about eight weeks of working out in our utility room in the carport, I went back to the gym, Paula was busy with our first son Eric, and within 11 months of this Orthopedic guy telling me I’d never lift again, I competed in the Florida State Championships at Huge Iron Gym in Ormond Beach, FL. I got all my opening attempts, which was the only goals I was after at that time. I dead-lifted 535 lbs, I bench pressed 325 lbs, and squatted 505 lbs, not too shabby for getting so banged up. Then, the next fall, I competed in the Southern States Championships at Huge Iron Gym and squatted 535 lbs, bench pressed 360 lbs, and dead-lifted 585 lbs.

All this happened by the time I was 32 years old and my first daughter, Emma was born, so I left competition at the time to help out my wife with the kids and had to keep working, and training was sporadic for the next 13 years.

to be continued…


The goals here will be to share a lifestyle, how to maintain your health and being fit after fifty into the “Golden Years” and see the positive changes that can be achieved through fun and fitness with right eating habits, supplements, workouts and friendship…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out the best I can.

All the best,

Greg”Arnie” Arnsberger

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