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Welcome to Quintastic and Fit, The journey begins for fitness over fifty

Welcome to Quintastic and Fit,

I’m inviting you along on the journey for ultimate fitness over fifty and well-being in the 50 plus lifestyle culture. I’ll be taking you along on my journey as I progress through education, workouts, supplement reviews, better eating habits, pictures, equipment reviews, with trial and error along with Q & A sections…

To a better fitness over fifty lifestyle,

Greg “Arnie” Arnsberger



Unlike most of my audience, I’ve been a proponent of weight and strength training along with nutritional supplementation for leading a healthy lifestyle since my early twenties.

Growing up in York, PA, the hometown of York Barbell which was founded by Bob Hoffman. I was interested in building my physique from an early age.

I can remember reading all the Strength and Health Magazines from York Barbell and the the early bodybuilders. The likes of Steve Reeves, John Grimek, and Jules Bacon just to name a few. ( I would later compete as a power-lifter at York Barbell and meet Bob Hoffman, John Grimek and Jules Bacon and others)

After I got out of the Navy in 1976, I read my first Muscle and Fitness Magazine with the likes of Larry Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike and Ray Mentzer, (brothers from Lancaster, PA), Danny Padilla, Lou Ferigno, Dave Draper, Robby Robinson, Casey Viator, and Frank Zane.

I was hooked to say the least. My friends and I trained in a rented garage in an alley in our neighborhood. We had a York Bench Press, a 310 lb York weight set, various dumbells, a preacher curl, squat racks, and a leg extension/curl bench. That was the start of our bodybuilding regime.

Then one Saturday, a friend of mine, Brian Weaver stopped by to work out and told me about power-lifting at York Barbell which was then located on Ridge Ave in downtown York. The next Saturday we went there for squat day with the team and I new that’s what I wanted to pursue. The likes of George Hector and Kevin Caufield were there that day and John Grimek still worked out there as well. I also got to make friends with Dick “Smitty” Smith who was the Olympic Lifting coach and trainer. What a great place, company and people to be associated with.

Well, that was the beginning of the legacy…

to be continued…

I invite you along on this journey so that you too can see and enjoy the benefits of fitness over fifty and a healthy lifestyle in your 50 + years. Even if you’re younger or older doesn’t matter, you can benefit from the knowledge, expertise, trial and error, and motivation of being fit at any age, however, my journey here starts at 61 years of age in the fall of 2017.

We’ll look at eating habits, work schedules, supplement reviews, equipment reviews, workouts, weight management, measurements and maybe even some competition, who knows what we’ll endeavor to find throughout the journey. So I invite you to come along for the time of your life.


The goals here will be to share a lifestyle of fitness over fifty, how to maintain your health into the “Golden Years” and see the positive changes that can be achieved through fun and fitness with right eating habits, workouts and friendship…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Greg”Arnie” Arnsberger

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